1994 Alfa Romeo 155 Formula 1.8 Twin Spark


Very sexy - but expensive to repair!!!


1. Many problems with indicators inside the car. No need to replace, but makes it sometimes uncomfortable.

2. Changed some parts in the rear suspension. Costs a lot when You compare the repairing costs with the price of the vehicle.

3. A/C not working. Happens often with Alfa's of that period.

4. All the repairing were hard and took a lot of money and time. Many original parts must be bought through the Alfa Romeo service clubs.. expensive (for instance a little cooling part which is ca 20 dollars for the same year BMW or AUDI cost me 70. And many other details are also like that)

5. Service stuff can't often see the problem. It is very complicated to find the flaw and fix it properly.

General Comments:

The main advantage is the design. The looks are great - very attractive. People sometimes think that a 1994 vehicle is brand new. I always smile while sitting in it or hanging around for some reason. BMW and MB of the same year look dull and boring when parked next to the red 155. Formula variant offers a factory-made spoiler - it is better than those tuning-rubbish ones...

The interior is also nice. The seats are comfortable, all the buttons etc are classy. It is better to buy a 155 with the darker interior - looks more solid... It is plenty of room both in the front and back of the car.

If You don't have too much money to buy a rare, exclusive, beautiful and well-built car, then buy Alfa Romeo 155 - it has all those things apart from the quality...

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Review Date: 31st July, 2005

2nd Aug 2005, 02:35

It seems that the guy bought the Alfa on its looks. So what? At least he's honest and I find his review quite nice just for that: he knows the kind of car he bought and the reason for buying it!

24th Feb 2009, 03:22

Yep, I'm agreed on that, it's not about showing off, he knows what he'd choose. The 155, in my opinion, is mystical, unique, exotic, a league on its own. All you have to do is to take a closer look, especially the wide body version. Perhaps a red Merc or red BMW is more in-sync with the intention; showing off.