2000 Renault Megane RXE 1.6i 16v


Never know if it will get you to your destination


All 4 ignition coils exchanged.

Battery died at 55000 km.

Exhaust partially changed at 57000km (rusted through).

New rear brake pads at 61000 km.

Bodywork done near the back wheels because of corrosion.

Rear wiper stopped working.

Automatic transmission is going (it's a DP0), warning light on and gear change rough. Repair estimated at 800 EUR.

Major starting problems, possibly a fuel injector fault.

General Comments:

Nice and quick around the city, revvy engine with plenty of agility. Good viewing angles. Spacious inside, but looks small. Looks decent.

Mechanical parts are of horrible quality; exchanging any part without the help of Renault service has been made incredibly difficult.

When it runs without problems, it's great. The problem is - that is just 10% of the time. Feeling the need to pray when turning the ignition key is not good. Currently takes 3 times on average to start it. Will never buy a French made car again.

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Review Date: 14th October, 2010