2002 Seat Leon T Sport 1.8 turbo


Happy with my car and I hope my next will be Seat Leon FR


One of the ignition coils broke down at 60 000km (37 500 miles) (It was cheap to repair, so no major faults).

The pointer of engine temperature isn't always doing its job, but most of the time it works fine.

And the drivers seat creaks silently sometimes (while accelerating or braking harder). Started to do so at 95 000km (60 000 miles).

And there is always been slight problem with rain sometimes when it rains heavily water might come in through the bottom of the right door (but it really have to rain heavily). Dealer service repaired it, but the fault came back after 15 000 km-s (10 000 miles).

General Comments:

I am really happy with that car, performance is seriously good, it handles great a bit soft on circuit compared to cars like Honda Civic Type-R, but it's much better on roads.

Sound system is pretty good.

TCS (traction control) is a bit too harsh.

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Review Date: 4th December, 2006

15th Apr 2007, 16:14

Could you really be happy with that many faults? I suppose so mine was far more ureliable.