1982 Talbot 1510 GS 1.3 petrol


Cheapest car ever seen and still running


Only generator has replaced.

One tire was replaced.

Whole body is almost rusted off.

(I do not know how the wheels are standing on)

General Comments:

For a whole it was a most cheap car what could ever own.

It still could run for 140km/h on sand road and went 100 in second gear (with some 8000rpm) and still did not explode. Only dust game in every time I drove it, because floor was almost totally rusted off. Overall handling was good, in corner no front of rear did not gone to slip firs. Suspension was good and resisted even longer jumps.

Then I sold this car to on neighbor who need instantly a cheap car. I got 2000 kroon's (Estonian kroon's) for this car, it is almost 2x more than when it was bought. But he (neighbor) did not have luck because police took it away from him after 4 days. : (

Gas consumption was low, I could drive whole day for just 10litres of petrol. Some 35-40MPG.

Now I drive fathers 1985 Transit which has some 400000-500000km's on and diesel engine is original.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 4th January, 2004