1985 Dodge Aries 4 door 2.2 electronic carburetor


Cheap commuter vehicle, an American Lada


Front shock absorbers worn out, normal wear, but they are McPherson type, so pretty expensive to change.

Electronic carburetor system is really complicated. Prefer -87 or newer with fuel injection. I had to replace it with an older type (1981-83).

Car is like a bulky Toyota with lower quality.

Sort of funny, small "big" car.

Power brake booster failed.

General Comments:

I did not like the front wheel drive and jumpy ride, that's why sold it.

Nowadays parts are quite hard to get. See also allpar.com.

After all, it's not so economical with the automatic transmission, despite its low weight and small size.

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Review Date: 27th June, 2005

23rd Apr 2006, 19:59

How are the Aries' fast in any way, the 2.5L are so slow!!!

26th Dec 2007, 22:06

The Dodge Aries was one of the fastest, most fuel efficient family vehicles available in the 1980's...Its God's gift to Drivers! It also saved Chrysler from bankruptcy. For more info call me

****Jesse Goff****

(718) 234-7377.

1986 Dodge Aries 4d sedan 2.2L


For commuter use only


Front shock absorbers worn out, found out that they were from Saratoga!

Replaced with new Saratoga absorbers.

Ignition was bad time to time, but eventually could always start the car after couple of tries.

Carburetor leaked, because its main shaft was really worn. typical.

Rear doors did not work in wintertime, they did not lock, and opened in speed.

General Comments:

Boring everyday car, but with surprisingly high gas consumption compared to size and power.

Small car and it can be felt.

Good thing is the allpar. coms discussion forum, helped in problems.

Too new car for me.

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Review Date: 24th July, 2003