1983 Dodge Mirada 318 or 360 cid


Pimp-mobile for a peaceful driver


Windshield cracked, replaced.

The fuel tank leaks.

Electric window motor is broken.

Minor rust in the bottom.

Trip meter broken.

General Comments:

Due to Unibody construction, the rust is important to repair, separate front and rear "frames".

The suspension is NOT sporty, look for examples with anti-sway bar below the rear axle (sport package).

The interior parts are plastic, and especially long parts in the door get usually cracked.

With original 2-bbl carb 318cid (5.2L) or 6-in-line, the car is underpowered.

Look for one with 360cid. Early models. BUT all engines have horsepower to be found, just combine with the right parts; 4-bbl and hi-lift camshaft.

Mine had all the options and it included: automatic a/c-temp controlled, and it worked well!

Cruise control, but one word has to be said, it's typical for the 80s mopars that the cruise engages a little below the desired speed. So when one wants to maintain 100km/h cruise speed, first accelerate to 110km/h and then engage the cruise control.

I did not like the suspension, it's not sporty, but neither does it have a typical US-boat feeling. Something in between due to mid-frames.

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Review Date: 19th April, 2004

5th Mar 2006, 22:36

I believe your comments are very accurate for this car. I really like the styling of the Mirada, but since is an 80,s car, performance is really lacking.

Inasmuch as most restored muscle cars of the 60's get the very high prices they do, after a complete engine rebuild of cource, or a crate engine. I am looking for any type of Mirada in the right color, well optioned, and not needing a restoration to be a good driver. A mopar crate engine of at least 325hp should make the car into a really enjoyable vehicle you do not see every day.