1998 Fiat Punto 1.1


Fun summer car


A bit of moist in some relay caused the revs to increase way too much at 106000 km. You didn't even have to press the accelerator pedal, the car just kept going (unless the gear was in neutral, then the revs just increased). Car service dried the relay under warranty and it fixed the problem.

The windshield washer stopped working at 110000 km, but the car service fixed this easily. The hose pipes were just jammed.

When braking, the car drifted strongly to the right. Brake discs + pads were replaced at 115000 km, but this didn't help.

120000 km: The exhaust gas pipe insides (a couple of metres of soft grey material, not sure what the right term is in English) flew out from the pipe while driving. Caused no further problems, except for more pollution, I guess...

General Comments:

Punto of the 90's is a very fun summer car, but the wet & cold winter in Finland is too much for this delicate Italian made car.

Visibility is excellent because of the thin window pillars. Those thin pillars are not good in case of a collision, though...

A quite spacious small car.

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Review Date: 24th July, 2009

2006 Fiat Punto Dynamic 5d 1.2


Great car with small amount of money - Feels like bigger car than it actually is!


None actually. Read below.

General Comments:

Punto Dynamic 1.2 5d – 2006

I just got my new Punto. I have driven 300km with it and I don’t have a bad word to say about it. The steering is good, the City mode is excellent at the city and while parking. The car definitely feels bigger than it is, I was quite amazed when I first got in and tried it out. I’m 172cm tall (6’8”?) and when I adjust the driver’s seat for me I have no problem whatsoever to sit on the back, There’s plenty room for the head, and my knees won't even touch the front seat while sitting (of course I have to sit firmly) in the back.

The car overall is awesome and superb value for the money. You just can’t get anything better or even remotely alike with that amount. I paid ~16000€ of mine with all the extras, and I think it’s really worth it. The cheapest model would’ve cost me ~12000€.

When driving fast on the freeway, it tends to be a bit sensitive to the wind. You have to do little steering adjustments, but just minor. If it isn't windy, the car handles like it's on rails even at 120km/h (about 75mph). The view from the rear view window isn’t the best, it’s quite limited with the extra braking light and the head rests that are in the back.

I live in north, so I got my car with the engine heater, inside outlet, winter tires and metallic paint. And of course a nice JVC audio system ;-)

I would give this car four stars out of five. Or in scale 1 to 10 I would give 8,5 or 9. It is that good. If you have an opportunity, go check it out.

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Review Date: 1st May, 2006

25th Jan 2007, 04:42

Em, 172 cm!= 6'8"

26th Nov 2014, 23:09

5'6" more like it. 6' is 183cm.

1998 Fiat Punto 75 SX 1.2


Compact comfort


Some minor problems in the first year, like the back door lock jammed and central locking malfunction.

Second year and some leak from the gearbox, one bolt too loose.

Now (2001) everything seems to be OK!

General Comments:

Very reliable car and easy driving.

Small but roomy at the same time.

Good engine 75hp, enough power for long holiday journeys (2000 summer 4000km on German highways with no problems, only brakes overheating in the Alps!) and good in cities.

45000 service ahead... maybe some work with the brakes.

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Review Date: 8th March, 2001