1988 Ford Orion Laser 1.6 Carb.


A nice runabout


The ignition control module blew at 270 kkm. Cost 30 Euros to replace. The only time the car ever left me stranded.

The clutch finally gave up at 275 kkm. Cost about 300 Euros to replace.

The windshield washer pump died at 260 kkm. I replaced it with an after market one for 15 Euros.

When I bought the car the central locking wasn't working. Traced the problem to the trunk lid, whose central locking motor had seized (completely rusted together). Removed the whole motor and the rest of the system works.

Both the engine and the transmission have small oil leaks, but not serious enough to fix yet.

General Comments:

Even after some pretty serious mileage the seats still look and feel like new.

Except for the central locking problem everything works the way it should.

The ride is very nice around the town, but at highway speeds the noise level becomes disturbing.

Rust around the door edges is becoming a problem. Especially since the car is white. A respray seems to be in order.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 15th October, 2002