1991 Hyundai Pony L 1.5


A good rival to the Japanese cars, and at lower cost


The shock absorbers were totally worn out when I bought the car.

Rear wheel bearings needed to be replaced.

The muffler started leaking, so it needed to be replaced.

Front ball joints wore out recently.

The car had rust in a few places when bought, but they have been fixed.

General Comments:

This car is quite rare in Finland, so it's fun to drive with it when people don't know what it is.

The car's not a rocket, but it can keep up with it's competitors, for example the Corolla. However, there is plenty of low-end torque, which helps driving at low speeds in the city.

Handling is quite average, but it tends to under-steer especially in winter. Stability is weak, the car doesn't go straight and seems to pull to the right at all times.

After fixing the rust spots, the car looks quite nice and the interior is tidy.

The seats aren't too comfortable for long journeys.

The car is very reliable, it has always started, no matter what temperature or weather there is. The cabin heater is also very effective, which is important in winter.

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Review Date: 26th February, 2004