1994 Lada 2105 1500s 1.5kat


Good car for what it does.


Needed new carburettor as previous owner had tightened screws too tigh and stripped the grooving.

Clip broke on automatic choke spilling fluid out in traffic. Clip was installed by previous owner as well.

Had to adjust front wheel direction, as previous owner had neglected.

Had to replace leaky cooling pipe.

Had to replace windshield wiper motor as turned wipers on when frozen to windshield.

Rust free when got it, now has a few small spots.

Door handles break and get loose on one end.

General Comments:

A Zhiguli in very good condition. Good simple transportation for roads where speeds do not exceed 100km/h.

No good for freeway driving though.

Good in snow and ice and rough roads.

Very rugged, cheap and easy to fix.

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Review Date: 11th January, 2005

1974 Lada 2105 1500 S 1.5


King of the streets in its own class ;)


Engine had been repaired 2-3 times before me. Ex Russian/Soviet block embassy car (no fancy stuff).

- repair of the engine.

- later on front end of the exhaust pipe

- mechanical voltage regulator "worn out"

-front lights (long) changed to western version.

-repair to some of the bearings in gear box.

General Comments:

After the major job was done (engine) it run very reliably. Gear box had only 4 gears, so fuel was spend more (8,4-9,8 l/100 km).

Fast starter, easy to burn rubber, uncomfortable on long tracks, nice fake leather benches. Black beast ;).

Windows got frozen on very cold weathers, but main window was always open.

It was like driving a limousine or something - all eyes looked at it. Maybe because it was black, looked like rat car and had REAL iron/chrome front.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2003

3rd Jan 2007, 05:10

Actually, there was no Lada 2105 in 1974. Because VAZ started to build 2105 from 1980. Probably your car was Lada 2103.

1986 Lada 2105 Combi 1.5


Basic beast of burden


Radiator had to be replaced a while ago.

Starting motor broke down at 95000km.

Clutch working cylinder had corroded and was replaced at 110000km.

Plus some small things.

General Comments:

The car is fun to drive, of course it's not as good as today's cars, but very good anyway.

I really enjoy the rear-wheel drive, too bad hardly any car has it anymore these days.

When I got the car, I made perfect rust-protection to it.

There's hardly any rust in the car, despite the fact that I use the car in winter too, and here in Finland the roads REALLY are full of de-icing salt...

The engine is very good, except that it's too lazy sometimes, specially with trailer.

But if that is ignored, the engine is great! Ignites superb no matter how much frost and is reliable.

Lada is too little appreciated, at least in here... too bad.

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Review Date: 31st January, 2002

1st Oct 2002, 15:50

Isn't the Combi version of the 2105 called the 2104??

15th Jan 2006, 16:46

Yes, 2104 is a "combo" of 2105.