1991 Lancia Dedra 1.6ie


Pretty good to drive, but there are big quality problems (especially in the electrics)


I did get this car FREE, so it didn't cost me anything. Ex-owner said that there are two little rust bits under the car, but he was wrong: there were just one big rusthole which begins about the taillights and continued to the front fenders, all the way. One whole winter it took to get all the rust and holes away. So rust is one BIG problem in these I think.

After about 200 km driving, I have to change radiatorthe .

Electric windows work in an uncertain way. So do the indicator lights.

Heater doesn't work.

Seats warming doesn't work.

And lastly, the clutch did broke (we haven't even repaired it yet).

General Comments:

I feel more familiar with American made cars - they look so much better and are more comfortable, but I must say that this Dedra did surprise me in positive way, it is quite good to drive (I mean when it is not broken).

Fuel economy is also quite good.

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Review Date: 8th March, 2007

1991 Lancia Dedra 1.6 ie 1.6 injector


A car that used to be good


When I got the car I knew it was in poor condition because of the previous owner.

Bottom had to be welded to pass inspection.

Rust was visible on some edges and where antenna was installed.

Suspension struts had to be replaced.

Breaks are a little weak.

The part that adjusts break-power on the rear wheels depending upon how much the car is loaded leaks.

The thermostat was broken.

I ended up replacing the air heater (expencive) because it underperformed and started to leak after replacing the thermostat.

The driver seat is really worn out.

The rear doors freeze up with weather.

The indicator lever would not lock when blinking "right".

The "ashtray" would not close.

The ventilator retained only one speed setting.

The rubber lining on the doors ages and broke, resulting in hissing noise at high speeds.

Some minor plastic parts have aged and broken apart and now what they used to hold vibrates.

General Comments:

I did not expect that, but it behaves surprisingly well on the highway, the engine is rather quiet when you don't press the gas, even at higher rpm; it feels safe to drive fast, and it accelerated quite fast.

The suspension is a little weak - car tilts a lot in turns and shakes considerably on rough terrain at low speeds. It is quite alright when going more than 50 km/h though.

In short the car still has quite some value, despite the age, but I doubt I can sell it for what it's worth, because it doesn't look so good on the inside anymore.

The spare parts are harder to get, compared to more popular cars.

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Review Date: 28th January, 2003