1988 Mazda 626 GT 2.0 16v


Never, ever buy an old Mazda


Drove one year, from 287000 km to 320000 km, and everything went wrong. From what I can recall (it was 10 years ago) :

The bodywork was OK and shiny from the outside, but I realised (too late) that the bottom of the car is totally rusty and rotten. The gas tank was full of holes, had to be replaced. Several other parts from the bottom had to be replaced too because of the rust. I wondered how the car didn't fall apart from a tiny push...

The car battery + charger had to be replaced. The battery was terminated while driving, so I had to pull over in the middle of a highway.

The driver's seat's backrest fell down, had to be welded back up.

One day, the driver's side door lock failed, the door didn't open at all. Had to climb out from the window or the passenger side door for months.

The passenger side electric window didn't close properly, caused awful sound while driving faster than 80 km/h.

The lights on the dashboard blinked randomly.

The power steering fluid leaked, had to fill it up every now and then.

The radiator just... how would I put it... kind of blew up. And yes, of course, when it happened, I was driving in the middle of a rush hour.

The fan stopped working completely. Man those were some cold winter days driving to work...

The car leaked some oil.

The brake discs + pads had to be replaced.

I had to keep an arsenal of tools and liquids in the trunk in case for a vehicle Armageddon.

General Comments:

This car was the worst nightmare of all. I went blind for the sporty looks and the performance (148 hp, 0-100 km/h 8 sec, top speed 220 km/h), just had to buy it and put my hopes on Japanese engineering (which is excellent if the car is not very old), despite the kilometres.

The faults were endless, and I lost a lot of money.

Still, the days when the car was running OK, were the best days of all the kilometres I haven driven so far.

Despite all the faults, the car started every time perfectly, no matter what the weather. Except for the time when the battery died, of course.

626 GT is a perfect pimp my ride car for someone, but I didn't have the money (nor the pimp).

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Review Date: 24th July, 2009

8th Jan 2011, 18:51

Battery brakes and tires are all normal items that would need to be replaced on a 20 year old BMW, Jaguar, Lexus, Toyota etc. This has nothing to do with Mazda's reliability, it is called maintenance.

1991 Mazda 626 GLX 4d Sedan 2WD 2.0i


Great for 2 adults and 1 or 2 kids


Heater fan stopped at 297000 (re wired > works)

General Comments:

Comfy front seats, rear ones are too soft.

Rather cheap spare parts (2wd, 8valve) compared to "better" models (4wd 16valve DOHC)

~10litres / 100km of gas :/

Somewhat too many "Horses" by winter and not enough during the summer.

Spacey front seats and boot, not so spacey rear seats.

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Review Date: 3rd November, 2005

1988 Mazda 626 GLX 2.0


An average performing well designed vehicle


The car idled high (2000 rpm) when cold. This was due to a faulty air sensor. The idle return to normal when warm though.

It would eat a large amount of oil, half a liter every 2 months.

It leaked oil from the head gasket as well.

The in dash clock would flash on and off over bumps, but would keep the proper time despite this. This was fixed with spraying some Wd - 40 on the clocks wiring harness.

General Comments:

The build quality of this vehicle was in my opinion quite outstanding. Especially when I compare it to my previous vehicle (Opel Kadett).

Fuel consumption was quite good in this car. 500 km on 50l of gas with a mix of half city and half highway motoring. And a constant heavy foot I might add!

I stopped by my local mechanics shop and he told me that the Japanese spend triple the amount of time developing their cars when compared to European automakers. I cannot prove this of course, but I believe it to be true. Especially when comparing it to my previous vehicle.

All in all it was roomy and a well thought out design inside and out.

My complaints about this vehicle are few.

Slow electric windows that squeaked when fully closed.

Minimal performance for a 2 liter engine @ 109 hp didn't exactly blow my socks off.

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Review Date: 5th August, 2004