1985 Mercedes-Benz S-Class 500 SEL 5.0 litre fuel injected


A high performance, low maintenance, world class luxury vehicle


Muffler and tailpipe broke after I had just gotten a tire changed and didn't realize that the suspension had dropped. I backed out of the garage and the muffler hit the ground and broke.

Hydraulic suspension became very rough.

Electronic fuel controller stopped working.

Front tires started to wear unevenly (suspect ball joint problems).

Car has a wobble when driving between 120-140km/h.

General Comments:

This car is twice the size of most cars on the road, and can still beat everything except a motorcycle to 100km/h from a standstill.

It has excellent brakes; it can stop unbelievably quickly.

It has the ability to pass 3-4 cars at a time on the highway, e.g. can accelerate rapidly from 80km/h to 160km/h while passing.

It has a huge cabin and large trunk as well.

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Review Date: 4th September, 2003

14th Sep 2004, 08:39

I just wanted to let the world know that I have a 1985 500 SEL with 250,000 miles on it and it is still going strong. I have often had the opportunity to replace it, but refuse. In my opinion, there is no better car on the road!

22nd Sep 2004, 17:59

I have a 1985 Mercedes 500SEL. I love the car. Unfortunately for me, I have moved to CA and it is a Grey Market car and I cannot get it licensed. It has approx. 188,00 miles on it and is still going strong. I would keep it forever, but since I cannot license it in CA I must buy another. The inside is perfect.

I will miss my car. It is almost perfect. It has been garaged all of her life and is faster than most other cars out there. I am in mourning.