1984 Renault 18 GTL STWagon 1.7


314000km: I noticed soon it's "eating" oil quite much, about 1L/2000km. I think I don't begin to change valve rubbers, etc. Engine got to be quite in the end.

314000km: Break lines under the body, fuel line and leaking tank changed.

342000km: back left bearing failed and axle had to be changed too. Didn't care about "little" noise and bearing ring "welded" to the axle. Lucky didn't cut it or wheel didn't jump out.

361000km: Back window broke. Looking for a new window all around Finland, not yet in 3months, after 30 car dealers found. I'm going to change.

General Comments:

My MARKS up are quite high and I have based those for other older (-78...-85) cars which I have owned many, 25-30 different. So marks represent the older -84 "CLASS".

I first buy it for "dirty jobs" in house building with 600mk (100 USD) and think to drive it as long as it lasts.

Summer, ice or snow and this car have been all the time surprising, extremely nice to drive, it feels always safe and balanced, ewen better than my Ford Escort 1995 in slippery, snow, etc. conditions. Offcourse springs, monroes, chairs, etc. are rather old and not working perfect, but never tested or owned better car in this age.

There is no rust in the body! No welds! I was told R18 are often rusty and it's a normal problem in our salty conditions, but not in this case.

Cheap to use, parts are cheap.

Major problem is to get old (or new) body, etc. parts to my car. I have seen 1 pcs. 18GTL in Finland, maybe we are the only ones :=) Last autumn back window broke when handling a big steel barrel in the back and old gasket didn't keep the back door open, it crashed to the barrel. Now it's waiting for the new window (or snow covering it).

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Review Date: 6th November, 2003

1984 Renault 18 GTX Wagon 2.0 petrol


Fuel tank rusts, (using R16 tank now..)

Brake lines and body rust, suspension is too soft and central locking fails from time to time. Heater could be better, even in this model, which is almost the warmest R 18. Some electrics fail because of age, quite noisy interior at higher speeds even if best equipped model. 2nd gear syncronize in gearbox worn among kilometres. Wipers and windshield water pump are too weak to be good enough at speeds over 80 km/h.

General Comments:

Quite a powerful family wagon, I wish the engine could be 2.2 litres and equipped with fuel injection. Then it would be great! The car is quite big, quite roomy, and so can carry lots of stuff. It handles well, is comfortable (after changing stiffer front seats..) and runs 100 km with 7-8 litres of fuel (at 80-100 km/h). I kind of like it. Thats all.

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Review Date: 7th March, 1999