2000 Skoda Felicia LX 1.3 MPi


Average plus


Some minor faults:

Right front door lock jammed (someone else shared this experience?). Central locking still operates though.

Extra brake light dropped off.

Front brake pads replaced.

Block heater does not work.

Front left ball-and-socket (or whatever it is in English) replaced. Right next to front left tyre anyway. It was a bit loose and worn out.

Engine running cold at this moment, way below 70 C, I have to replace the thermostat (I think).

No major problems so far. I've driven the car from 66000 to 85000 now.

General Comments:

The car is much more roomy than other cars this size. A good car to travel. If you have good tyres, nice to drive on the highway, feels like a medium-sized car.

Not enough air comes to the windows in the winter, and the winter is rough in Finland, so you have to drive "blindfolded" the first 10 minutes if the car is running cold.

The seats are a bit short and hard, but you'll get used to it pretty soon.

In general, the car and the engine seem to run very steadily and smoothly. It is very likely that my next car will be Octavia.

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Review Date: 7th July, 2006

27th Dec 2006, 02:25

It is common for the thermostat to pack up, also the operating mechanism for it - so may need a a complete unit.

Locks are easy to fix - I mended mine with an old Belgian coin.

Mine is six yrs old and that's it for going wrong- but climate easier in England.

23rd Jul 2009, 07:44

Sorry, it's been years since my last visit here. No idea whether the thermostat was 70 or 90, it was done by a car service. Anyway, it helped, the engine was just fine afterwards.

Don't have the Felicia anymore, but there were a couple of more faults after my first writing:

The hydraulic headlight alignment mechanism failed near 100000 km. This was pretty expensive to fix.

The hood got stuck at 110000 km. Not cheap, but not too expensive.

A good car, still.

-The Finnish dude-