1989 Subaru Leone DL 1.6


Reliable and simple car, but not for bad roads


Rear wheels support frame corroded, broke and had to be rebuilt.

Rear brake pipes had to be replaced because of corrosion.

Radiator replaced.

Blower regulator broke.

Intake air heater regulator was taken out and made manual... did cause carburetor freezing below - 15 C.

Gearbox is noisy on I and II gear... will be changed soon.

Clutch squeaks while engaging... will be changed soon.

Rusting in various locations.

General Comments:

On a smooth highway and light load this car runs like a real luxury.

The 1600 push-rod engine has low power and extremely low torque, but it is reliable, simple to maintain and has excellent gas mileage.

The surface treatment is very bad, Subaru rusts easily and everywhere.

The wheel suspension and the whole body is very weak and light. This car handles very badly on rough roads and harsh winter conditions of Finland (this is not 4WD which is only little better).

The heater and defrosting is inadequate for northern climate.

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Review Date: 16th December, 2002

16th Oct 2006, 14:13

AFAIK Winters in St.Petersburg, Russia are far more frosty than ones in Finland. But I have no problems with heater at all. I have a 1989 4WD Turbo-Wagon and bought it with engine broken. I've repaired it myself - its rather easy and inexpensive even in Russia. The EA71 engine you have is rather old device and not powerful enough. The front wheel driving system is not enough, too. I`d say, Leone without 4WD and non EA82 engine is not a Leone at all. May be that is the reason why you don`t like it.

I think such Leone as mine is the best of its best at Subaru - cheap, fast, everywhere to go car.

1987 Subaru Leone GL 4WD Sedan 1.8 Gasoline


Very strong and comfy


Driver's seat is very worn.

Radiator have been replaced.

Clutch have been replaced.

General Comments:

No extra costs, works like Duracell-bunny, keeps on going, going, going, going...

Very reliable car.

Very strong car too.

Very comfortable.

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Review Date: 10th June, 2002

1988 Subaru Leone DL - STW 1.6 petrol


Poor surface and anti-rust treatment.

Plenty of rust problems.

Exhaust valves burnt at the right-hand cylinder block at 90,000 km.

Defroster blower regulator broke down.

Cooler broke down at 160,000 km.

General Comments:

Lots of space and a good load carrier on bad roads.

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Review Date: 9th December, 1998