1997 Suzuki Sidekick 1.8


An excellent and economical buy


There was a manufacturing problem with the driver's door, so that it was hung a little low and would cause the dome light to stay on. I adjusted the mechanism myself, and it worked fine.

The rotors had to be replaced at first, since they were uneven so that the brakes were not smooth.

The rear hatch seal collected dust easily, and caused it to leak a little inside.

The screws around the air filter casing rusted.

The inside heater bearings made some noise in the winter time as well.

One of the window rails came loose, and I had to open the door to re-align them.

Other than that, it had no repairs other than normal maintenance.

The lock would freeze in the winter.

Nicks on the body needed to be sanded, primed, and re-painted to keep them from rusting through.

There was a rust problem beneath the passenger door frame, perhaps due to some damage on the body frame (apparently happened at manufacture).

This model had no additional electronics, other than the stereo.

General Comments:

The engine ran so cool, that in the winter I had to put cardboard in front of the radiator so that the engine would warm up enough. The timing belt replacement was quite easy, and I did it myself.

The tires wore fairly evenly if rotated, and were occasionally re-mounted on the rims (the outside edges on the front normally wear more).

Wish that I still had the car.

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Review Date: 4th February, 2012

4th Feb 2012, 13:42

The engine coolness sounds like a stuck or leaking thermostat.