1986 Talbot 1510 GL 1.4


Extremely good for its price


The transmission failed once as a lever fell off, rear lights had to be rewired, the engine was hard to start and had occasional running problems and so forth, the door locks were non-functional... Nothing unusual for a car of this age.

General Comments:

I bought the Talbot for 150 euros as I needed a car very urgently. It was a rusty old heap, whose 'best before' date had expired a long time ago, but in the end, it fulfilled its purpose, and took me 3000 kilometers from place to place.

Sure, it was a scary piece of junk, as there were loud clunks from the steering system, the suspension was very bad, a CV joint rattled, and the oil warning light lit up every now and then. But on the other hand, the engine had lots of power and wasn't too thirsty. For a car that didn't cost anything, it was really good.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 12th September, 2003