1990 Toyota Corolla 1.3 gasoline


Great little city car


After fifteen years and 425.000 km in the Nordic rainy and snowy roads, the car is beginning to suffer serious rusting problems, which will probably finish the economic life in the next 2-3 years.

Three years ago I changed the front fenders and radiator, last year the rear shock absorber holders had to be re-constructed, and this year we will have again minor welding to keep the car running again, all due rusting.

General Comments:

Using synthetic oils, and timely Toyota dealer maintenance (replacing the usual wear and tear parts), the car keeps running almost like new seemingly forever.

The tiny 1.3 liter 16-valve high rpm engine generates enough power and acceleration for city traffic and worked well enough even in a 800 km trip with full load.

Very economic to use and to maintain, very reliable.

The car is reasonably comfortable, but not made for long distance driving.

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Review Date: 23rd October, 2005

1984 Toyota Corolla DX 1.3


Old, but reliable car


It is rusting here in Finland because of salted roads, still pretty good shape, welded only two spots.

Somebody is broke passengers door lock, trying to get inside.

I have no bigger problems with this car.

Windshield changed couple, cost about 200 euros, today I am lucky if I get 300 of this...

General Comments:

Good car.

Starts even -25 Celsius.

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Review Date: 12th January, 2005

1988 Toyota Corolla XL 1.3


The best, cost-effective and reliable!


The car overheated on the first day out.

Slight rust problem, a very common thing with older cars in Finland.

Steering wobble, which has been fixed.

General Comments:

This car is fabulous for reliability and running costs, looks good and doesn't interest thieves.

My car is immaculate, with one previous owner since new.

My next car will also be a Corolla, but a newer model.

My mechanic said, when the Corolla overheated, that any other car would have left you on the side of the road. Only a Toyota can still run after the belts have snapped. And he drives a Mercedes!

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Review Date: 31st October, 2001

1970 Toyota Corolla Sprinter 1.2 petrol


Renewed shock absorbers when bought. Three broken engines, one transmission, rear axle and much more.

General Comments:

Nice and personal car. It was stolen...

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Review Date: 26th April, 2000