1989 Volvo 760 2.8


Comfort, class and style if you can afford the fuel!


A couple of things:

Gearbox leak - fixed for 150 euros by replacing a rubber seal.

New ignition - 200 euros.

Rear electric windows didn't work - 85 euros.

The previous owner took care of almost everything else in the year before I bought the car. The list includes:

New shock absorbers and springs

New brake discs and pads

New radiator

New exhaust

All belts

Many hoses

The parts and labour totaled close to 4000 euros, so I think I got a bargain when I bought the car for 2000. But hey, what do you expect, the car is 20 years old with almost 400,000 kilometers on the clock!

General Comments:

This is a relatively quick, very comfortable and solid car. Washed and polished, it equals my friend's brand new Range Rover Sport for looks and has the same goodies ie. leather, electric windows, automatic transmission and cruise! OK, his air con works and mine doesn't, but then I paid 2000 euros and he paid 60,000!

Despite its age and kilometers, it has a lot of life left and I'm sure, if I can continue to afford the fuel, it will give many years trouble free and reliable service. I'll probably still be driving it long after my wife's Renault is in its grave!

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 19th February, 2009