2000 Volvo S70 Classic 2.4 L gas


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The window started to split because it got hit by a small stone, a common problem with cars, and it was fixed with a drill. No real problems with this Volvo.

General Comments:

S70, the 2.4L 125kw model, is a very good car on the road and in towns. Suspension is a bit firm, but comfortable - the car doesn't swing through corners. It gets to 100 km/h in below 10 seconds, and that is fast enough for a car with an automatic gearbox. You don't really need a faster car in Finland or the U.S. The car is close to perfect to drive in this price class.

We've got a Classic model which means that we got leather seats and automatic gearbox for free (the last S70 series). The car's cheaper than most of its rivals, so you can call it a good bargain.

Still, a car like this cost £22000 in Finland, because we've got a 70% car tax :(, and gas costs close to £1 per litre. But I'm not complaining. Back to the subject, it's a very good car, buy it if you can!

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Review Date: 25th August, 2001

27th Jun 2010, 12:47

I bought my 2000 S70 used, and have had it seven years. I have replaced the electronic throttle sensor (under extended warranty), most of the front end parts, distributor, and struts, and the usual wear items.

I replaced the struts with Monroe, and am very pleased.

I now have 145,000 miles. I have owned Volvo's since 1981. I still have a 1986 740 turbo/manual, which I've had for twenty one years.

I like this car, although it will be my last Volvo. My first was a 240D. It doesn't have the solid feel of the older Volvo's.

I do like the anti-whiplash seats and the unibody construction. It's too light for my taste, but I keep it because it has never broken down or failed to start, and around town it's great.

I guess the moment of truth will come if I have to replace the transmission. Remember, it was the last model made before Ford got their hands on the company. It was still made with Swedish and German parts.