1998 ARO 244 Forester 2.5 turbo diesel


A real tout-terrain. The best


Gear box got tired at approximately 180000 kilometers and needed to be replaced. Easy as it was French in the first place.

Both front seats made noises between 1000 and about 10000 kilometers. I still don't know what that was all about as it stopped mysteriously...

The transmission needs careful checking at 200000 kilometers.

General Comments:

Best 4x4 I've ever driven and I have driven 7 for different periods of time.

Not the quickest on highways, but then again you don't buy this kind of gladiator for racing.

Easy to drive in the city as it is surprisingly compact in size.

Pretty comfortable, but the interior pays tribute to the short wheelbase needed for its 4x4 performance.

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Review Date: 1st June, 2001

17th Oct 2004, 02:20

I am also Romanian, and not a hater. I brought 2 ARO's to the states and have had no problem with them. Used one on a trip to South America. Great car wished they sold them here.

9th May 2006, 05:04

I also owned a 244, powered by a Polish made engine, named Andoria (2.4 liter, diesel turbocharged). I used that ARO for about 70,000 km, during more than 2 years, and I was very satisfied. Outside the motorways, this ARO is wonderful. There is no place in the whole Romania you cannot rich with it. Andoria are making very reliable engines, according my opinion. ARO 244 is an excellent off-roader, but if it is powered by other engines, not Romanian made ones. This type of ARO is much better off-road car than many other SUV from western manufacturers.