2015 BMW 5 Series Touring Lounge Plus 520 dA 190 turbo diesel


All I expected so far


Nothing yet!

General Comments:

Less cabin space than the Renault Megane.

Not quite as quiet as the old Saab 9000 Turbos, but I guess that is petrol v diesel.

Screen functions need some time to get used to.

ECO pro function seems to optimise gear change revs (shows a heavy foot warning light if you accelerate too quickly), reduce A/C fan speed, regenerates electricity on the over run, has the capability to cut fuel and disconnect the gearbox on down hill stretches (coasting), reduces the intensity of lights in built up areas, auto stop start function etc. It certainly seems to work - a display shows you km gained and my average consumption has come down.

Electric tailgate is useful.

Seems to be a good (and relatively economic) cruising car using cruise control.

The auto A/C setting starts with a ferocious icy blast. That may be because of temps 33C to 38C whilst I've had it.

The parking radars are good, but it would have been nice to have had cameras, particularly as they come as standard in cars like the Toyota Aygo.

One year old ex demo, 11000 km, saves around €23000 off the new price.

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Review Date: 21st July, 2017

1993 BMW 5 Series 525 TDS Touring 2.5 turbo diesel


Reliable, comfortable workhorse, respecting its age


I replaced the alternator belt assembly - cheap parts.

E39 wheels were 2mm too large for the E34 hubs, so placed spigot rings to get rid of the vibration.

Replaced the aux fan.

Tried to fix failed electric windows/sunroof/ central locking, but no progress so far.

General Comments:

The car is still amazing for its age. It is a comfortable long distance cruiser.

The economy is not bad, considering its age (7.5 to 8.5 l/100km), and it still really moves when you want it to. It can easily maintain 130 - 140 km/h uphill when fully loaded.

Definitely get the TDS version, as it has the intercooler.

Parts are cheap, and most maintenance can be done yourself as there are not too many electronics.

Apart from the electrical gremlins, this car does what it is supposed to do, and is reliable, comfortable and bulletproof. Just another proof that the less electronics you can have in a car, the better.

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Review Date: 9th February, 2011

1989 BMW 5 Series 524 TD


An unreliable BMW


The 2.4 l turbodiesel engine had to be entirely changed at 120.000 km!

General Comments:

Very disappointing for reliability and equipment.

Top speed is good (192 km/h) but acceleration is very poor.

Excellent road holding.

Good comfort (seats and silence).

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Review Date: 16th March, 2001

30th Nov 2001, 14:29

It is not surprising that the turbo-diesel model has poor acceleration, turbo-diesels of any manufacturer usually do. However, it is very unusual and surprising that the engine did not last. Diesel engines are known for running for hundreds of thousands of miles without even needing an engine rebuild.