1993 Chrysler Grand Voyager SE 2.5 turbo diesel


Very good car but not reliable


Broken engine at 172000 Km.

Gear mounting broken, the engine felt down when reverse gear was engaged. Cost of this repair 4000FF.

General Comments:

For the broken engine : It had to be replaced by a used one (120000 Km), Chrysler do not exchange diesel engines and only propose new engines (65000 French Francs) because of the weakness of it (Italian motor 2.5L turbo-diesel made by VM). Total cost of this exchange was 30000 French Francs.

After investigation, it is a known problem, this engine has been used on the Renault Safrane and Range Rover, they have stopped using it, but not Chrysler.

It is a very space-full car, comfort is good. It is very good for large families.

With a reliable engine, it could have been the best car I had.

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Review Date: 16th August, 2001

28th Oct 2003, 06:45

Just want to say that if you own the larger "Grand Voyager" dosn't it make perfect sense that a van this size needs a 3.3 as it has here in the UK. Should have got the 3.3. I have ZERO problems with mine and the van ROCKS...