1998 Chrysler Voyager SE 2.5 diesel


A great big package for little money (10000 Euros)


Small problem with the drive belt & pulley which was horrendous noise (clack clack clack clack) I thought it was a major engine defect, but turned out to be minor one . A great local (Citroen) dealer ordered the parts and fixed it for 140 Euros!!!


General Comments:

I'm very happy with the car, just drove back to UK from South of France over 1500 km without missing a beat. Economy good too considering its such a huge beast.

Great performance.

Nice big fuel tank.

4 year old daughter loves it too!!..her caravan!!

Great comfort.

All the whiners are just not getting the right dealer to work on their cars.

I agree,.. go to a local mechanic who knows engines and they will fix/repair whatever goes wrong.

I'm hoping the car will last a few years and the engine looks set to run & run!

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Review Date: 12th September, 2003

26th Dec 2003, 08:26

I agree, the 1996-2001 voyager is a very nice car with lots of space and it looks just as good as it handles.

But it's not all fun and laughter;

The diesel engine is totally outdated, even back in 1998. Being built by an Italian company, VM, who's specialty is building engines for industrial purposes it just cannot give you the drive-ability like an engine designed to be in a car. It also produces a heap of noise at higher rev's, say around 3500. VM also integrated a very nice little time bomb in the '96/'97/some '98 models;

- Instead of having the crankshaft driving the cam and fuel pump with gears they've mounted a chain... and it breaks when you least expect it.

Mine broke when we were on holiday in the south of Spain and it took 10 days to repair at a price of $1500. Fortunately there was no harm done to the valves.

I don't know why they decided to change the gears to a chain, but that was not a smart idea. They figured it out themselves because on later models they changed it back to gears!