1989 Citroen BX 16 1.6 liters


Great car, wonderful design and reliability


The hydraulic system needed to be changed, so I did.

Nothing else.

General Comments:

This car was owned by the mother of a friend and it was completely abandoned in a farm in Versailles. I had to buy or rent a car, so my friend proposed to loan me his mother's car with the only condition that if something went wrong I had to fixed -very acceptable and normal deal. So, I had it for almost 6 months.

The car was wonderful. Great comfort. Very good handling. Very strong. The only thing that went wrong was that once, in the highway, the STOP light came on, and so I pull off, call for the assistance company and took it to the Citroën garage. They changed the hydraulic pump -I don't remember it needed to change the 4 hydraulic pumps for the wheels, but the master one- it leaked, and they told me this was a normal change for the amount of years and mileage the car had, and specially because it was abandoned for years. They fixed it -a little expensive if I remember well- and drove it delighted.

The car was wonderful. The only things I would critic is that the dashboard was of a too hard plastic, and the brakes where just awful. You have to get used to those brakes. They are like all or nothing -on-off. They blocked with such an ease. I think this car should have been sold by Citroën with ABS as series equipment.

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Review Date: 8th December, 2007

1989 Citroen BX TRD Turbo 1.7 turbo diesel


Funny aggressive diesel :-)


Hum... direction (liquid pressure).

General Comments:

Excellent car... the motor can't be killed!!!

430 000 km for the motor and the turbo.

Can still be used at 170 km/h for 2 or 3 hours!!!

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Review Date: 25th May, 2001

2nd Aug 2001, 05:25

I currently drive the same type of car. 196000 kilometres.

Trouble? everything except the engine. 'Electrical' means for a BX 'it will break'. The car is a wreck, only that it's still running...

20th Feb 2006, 17:08

Isn't the motor for the TRD 1.8 litres? not 1.7.