1983 Citroen CX Estate 2.5 petrol


Careful, this is a nerve wracking car


Everything!! Electricals, suspension, LHM, brakes, engine, coolant, fan, radio, door upholstery, seats are bad quality.

General Comments:

Superb to drive, that is the only thing about Citroen you can give out!

Splendid room in the estate, enormous appetite for petrol, cheap to buy, don't spend any money on repairs, it works? Then fine, it doesn't, then throw it away!! Of course throwing away the biggest European estate is difficult, even a Volvo estate is not as big!!!

It's a great car!!! But why so many problems with the electrics, why such a tatty quality on plastics, and the rest!!

A shame, as the design is brilliant, and the road holding is incredible, the DIRAVI steering system is perfect!!! I love my car!!!

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 11th May, 2006

13th May 2006, 07:14

Yes, well, at 21 years old, you might expect some problems...