2004 Citroen Picasso Pack 2.0 HDI diesel


Extremely reliable tin can


The radio appears to be haunted. It turns itself on, makes whining noises, etc.

The tires have to be properly inflated or the car won't run well.

The windshield developed a crack, and the garage (Carglass) installed three different windshields because the replacement windshields were flawed. The current windshield has a long scratch that came with it.

General Comments:

It's an ugly car, but I like it. It is very reliable and comfortable. It doesn't feel solid, though, and the interior and exterior panels don't fit together properly. There are lots of annoying ticking noises from parts tapping together. All the plastic parts are thin and flimsy. Generally, it feels like a tin can full of plastic pieces. I'm not expecting it to age well.

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Review Date: 29th September, 2006

25th Mar 2010, 08:04

I wrote the original review.

The windshield has deteriorated into a mass of scratches. Driving at night and toward the sun is hard on the eyes.

The car's developed plastic clicking sounds.

The factory tires (Michelin) disintegrated.

There were holes and flaps of rub on the tires, even though the wear bars had not appeared.

The last tune-up reduced the power and speed of the car, and the Citroen garage said it was me, not the car. However, before the tune-up, the car could do about 150kph, but after it, only about 120kph.

There is no added value to taking the car to Citroen for servicing. In fact, it costs much more than Midas, and they use the same parts maker.

The suspension has become spongy, and the car floats like an American car now, kind of pitching and swaying with the slightest bump or breeze. It is a very reliable car: always starts, always gets me to where I want to go, uses very little fuel (diesel), is comfortable, etc. But it has never been a fun car to drive.