1982 Ferrari 308 GTBi 3.0 2 valves/cylinders


An affordable myth, simply


Nothing at the moment (!) T.

General Comments:

A real pleasure to be driven. 8 cylinders are real smooth and "symphonic"

Power is less than any other posterior models, but is it really inconvenient when you look at fuel's cost (?)

Everything has been conceived for pleasure in this uncommon car. The fact it is NOt a common one (gear shift - driving position - shape of the body car), all these points and many more are contributing to make this car a REAL different car. For it is a FERRARI... The 308 or 328 body lines - directly inspired from revolutionary FIAT 246 Dino (yes, this car was a FIAT!) - haven't grown old at all. Besides, a myth is always young, isn't it?

I think that the best COMPRISE to be found in all Ferrari's history is, indeed, the 308 GTBI or GTSI. Engine's running cost doesn't spoil your pleasure (unless you're a very wealthy man.)

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Review Date: 29th January, 2006