1997 Ford Escort 1.8 TD LX 1.8 turbo diesel (70)


Money well spent


When I first bought the car I had problem after problem with it, The place I bought it from only knew one sentence, "Sorry that doesn't come under the warranty". I pulled the car apart and fixed everything myself (except the fuel pump, that was repaired by Feather Diesel, Halifax, UK). Since then I have maintained the car myself.

General Comments:

It runs between the UK and S. France and has never let me down (I live in France but work in the UK).

Only things that have been changed are consumables eg: Cam-belt, filters, Discs/Drums.

It has covered over 300000 miles now, I will admit it is very tired and looks a mess.

How many cars can you name that will cover that mileage and you'd still feel confident that it will start in the morning.

I do not think it will go through the next test. The drivers seat is worn along with the seat belts, steering wheel and has a wee bit of corrosion underneath.

The engine doesn't smoke, burn oil or loose water. It starts on the button as long as you wait for the glow plugs when it is cold.

Like I said, it is tired, and as a result is very slow getting up to speed and holding it on hills.

I am that happy with it I could pay somebody to take it away and still feel that I had my monies worth out of it.

Only extras I would like on the next motor I get is cruise and climate control.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 23rd August, 2008