2001 Jeep Cherokee Limited 2.5 CRD


A beautifully engineered vehicle for serious off-road driving, and also for everyday driving


Nothing so far.

General Comments:

This is my first 4x4, but I would definitely consider buying another one in the future, and most possibly it would be another Cherokee (with a bigger engine perhaps).

There is one thing I wish I had done differently when I bought my vehicle though. My vehicle has the Command-Trac system, and hence the wheels turn at the same speed when the 4 WD option is engaged. This can be a little bit annoying, especially when cornering; I have had the vehicle stalled a couple of times because of this.

Just a couple of small points, which should be considered by the manufacturers when building the future models: The glove compartment is really too small. The second thing is that the seats are a little bit too short, not so much as to compromise the overall comfort of the ride, but if you are tall you will want to have slightly longer seats.

But other than these, it is a lovely vehicle. Two months ago I attended a one-day off-road driving training here in France, organised by the Jeep Academy, and believe me, the vehicle performed fantastically. Try doing some serious off-road driving in your Cherokee and you will never want to get out of your vehicle again (after one year of having owned the vehicle, I still have fights with my girlfriend about who is going to drive it to work-home!).

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Review Date: 4th December, 2003

19th Oct 2004, 08:35

I live in the London and have a 3.7 V6 Cherokee I notice the diesel version is very rare I didn't know there were 4x4 in France. When I went I saw loads of and little hatchbacks and they were really noisy I good review on the Cherokee though, but I am considering a 4.7 V8 grand as my friend has one and its better than the standard Cherokee, but maybe ill buy something bigger like a dodge or Chevrolet because a guy down the road from me has a nice Chevrolet and there about the same price.

19th Aug 2005, 18:39

I own a 99 cherokee "classic" with the 4.0 engine, and command track... here in north western Pennsylvania... we have some severe winters, and I have to say, our jeep is a goat... mountain goat... just don't know how we got by without it. we bought it -off lease- it was 2 yrs old with 24,000 miles. have owned it now for 4 years and 100,000 miles with NO major problems.. no oil leakage.. no electrical problems.. never left us stranded... and I've had it places (here in the Allegheny mountains, where the Appalachians meet the lake Erie coastal plane... sand, mud, ever changing weather) that I wouldn't take a horse.. just love it.. I did break a front right universal joint trying to yank my nephews chevy silverado out of a bog... but other than that... no complaints.. put the key in and go... most reliable vehicle we've ever owned. jeep stopped making the cherokee in 2001... (here in the U.S. you can only get a grand, liberty, or wrangler) but if they decided to make an 05 model "CHEROKEE"...id buy 2!!!