1993 Opel Corsa GLS 5 door 1.5 turbo diesel


A pleasure to drive


Camshaft oil seal (under guarantee)

Steering joints at 140000km.

Flexible lower part of front bumper kept falling off. I eventually lost it.

Driver's side seat belt anchorage failed - had to use passenger's side.

Misfiring (and smoking) on a light throttle around 50000km. Dealer diagnosed faulty injectors, I solved the problem with a can of injector cleaner fluid. It never happened again.

At 185000km the engine cooling thermostat failed at 100kmh on a motorway - massive overheat and death of the engine.

General Comments:

An excellent little car, but a bit expensive especially with optional sunroof, electric mirrors and rear head restraints.

At 5 years old a new engine from Opel only cost marginally less than the value of the car. Dealer obligingly located a low mileage second hand engine from a wreck.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 29th May, 2002