2003 Peugeot 307 1.6 petrol


A nice concept ruined by poor execution


Though the car was very new, it suffered from noisy and clunky engine or transmission mounts, squeaky brakes, terrible radio distortion and occasional hiccoughs of the central locking system.

General Comments:

I had this car for a month as a rental, and drove it on many types of roads.

For good points, it has a fair amount of passenger space given the exterior dimensions. The seats are fairly comfortable on long trips (but lack sufficient side bolster support). Most controls are fairly intuitive. The front cabin provides many options for storing stuff.

As far as roadgoing, it has good handling balance in curvy situations (though a good sized bump can unsettle the rear end which lacks independent suspension). It has a nice set of standard features such as a trip computer for gas mileage and distance to empty, exterior temperature etc., and a few sweet touches such as a door lock remote that rolls up the windows. The radio controls on their own stalk take some getting used to, but work well.

As for the bad... The radio sound is pathetic and distorts even the slightest bass. The controls for the dash light dimmer require needless aggravation. The engine is noisy, though smooth enough. It lacks power. The shifter is rubbery and resists rapid gearchanges. Over 150 kph the car looses composure and wants to drift all over the road. The suspension allows too much road and bump noise to permeate the car. The turn signal canceling device is overactive requiring multiple engagement of ones turn signal in certain situations. The fan is very loud at higher flow settings. And as some people have mentioned the anti-glare coating (or something) on the information center readout prevents legibility with polarized driving glasses. The locks sometimes automatically unlocked themselves while we were away from the car!

Overall, the car is not a bad concept and looks nice. But I would never buy one for myself until the noisy suspension, floaty high speed behavior and loose transmission engine mount issues are addressed. I would also opt for a quieter, smoother and more capable engine.

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Review Date: 4th November, 2003

2002 Peugeot 307 SW 2.0 HDI


Good drive, poor quality electronics


From the start the GPS navigation system has not been able to recognize the supplied navigation CD. The local Peugeot garage has had a new one on order for 2 months.

From the second day, the multi-function display has only ever started correctly one time in three starts. The other two thirds of the time the screen shows the Peugeot logo for five minutes, then switches itself off. The little orange light above the SOS button on the telematics unit remains illuminated. When this happens, the main "luxury" electrics (radio, CD-changer, clock, telephone, outside temperature, warning messages, and presumably the GPS if that had worked in the first place (!) etc) do not work. The garage have failed to diagnose this problem despite numerous attempts. I think they now want to replace the unit. I recently found that pressing the "Dark" button for seven seconds causes the unit to reinitialize and then restart properly - so the fault is now less annoying than it was.

The first time I received a call on the internal phone, the telematics unit reinitialized itself and the call was lost. However it has worked once or twice since.

The automatic window-shut facility failed - on a very wet night and I didn't notice!

The central locking system failed once.

Sometimes the automatic headlight fails to realize that it's time to switch off.

One of the occasional seats delivered with the car would not hold its upright position.

The windscreen washers froze at -4C and did not thaw until the second day of above freezing temperatures.

General Comments:

Like other reviews that I have seen, the car, as a means of transport, is a good car - it drives well, is safe, is stable, and is reasonably comfortable.

But, as with others, I find the electrics (or, more accurately in my case, the electronics) to be frustratingly poor.

The after-sales service seems incompetent. No "GPS specialist" that I have spoken to has the faintest idea what is going on.

The car is not as roomy as I hoped, but still roomy enough for my mix of children.

The seat configuration possibilities are impressive. The seats are much easier to remove/install than in my previous MPV, an 806, and have sliding adjustments, that the 806 did not have.

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Review Date: 21st January, 2003

30th Aug 2003, 02:46

I consider how lucky a man I am to have read your comments and the others on 307SW before making a decision. Here in Hong Kong, China, the climate may not suit the car very well. My decision has been on a Honda Stream.

2002 Peugeot 307 XR 1,4 petrol


A beauty with nasty nature


The car has been back 12 times during 5 months in the garage.

Starter motor replaced at 500 km.

The ignition failed 6 times. Car towed away 3 times.

Indicator switch replaced.

Sometimes doors lock themselves during driving.

Center console and driver's door rattle.

Foot carpet detached from passenger's foot-well.

Left front light leaks in heavy rain.

General Comments:

This is a very beautiful and comfortable car with a lot of space.

The handling is good. The performance is medium.

The fuel consumption is high.

I would never recommend this car to anyone.

This car is absolutely unreliable and has low build quality.

Dealer was not able to solve most of the problems. It seems to be that the diagnostics computer has the same quality as the car itself.

I am totally disappointed and I will try to get rid of it.

This is not a car.

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Review Date: 12th September, 2002