2001 Renault Laguna 1.9 dCi turbo diesel


Don't let the good looks fool you, it's junk!


Electrical faults, turbo issues, leaking injectors, passenger window quit working, both key cards quit working, door locks work when they want to, passenger seat non adjustable. Rattles and squeaks.

General Comments:

I recently moved to France from the USA, and needed a good family car. The Laguna looked like a good deal for the money. It's a clean, beautiful car with great styling and plenty of features. Unfortunately, it's the biggest piece of crap I've ever owned.

Rides great on the highway, but around town it feels like a bucket of bolts. Goes into limp home mode whenever it wants to, and nobody can figure out why, Renault or independent mechanic.

I should have done more research before buying it, but was in a hurry to get some wheels. I am going to have to lose money selling it now, because my conscience is greater than the guy's who sold it to me. I saw on the news the other day that Renault was laying off factory workers and sending their jobs overseas. Good, they deserve it if this is the best they can do! Lazy jerks!

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Review Date: 19th February, 2012

17th Jun 2012, 14:33

Original reviewer here. Finally got the limp home mode problem with the turbo fixed. I cleaned all of the pipes that connect to the turbo and EGR systems, replaced the EGR valve, unplugged the MAP sensor, went for a short ride, and plugged the MAP sensor back in. The warning light has not come back, and the car runs fine now.

The key cards still won't lock/unlock the doors, and it still rides like a bucket of bolts around town, but at least it goes now.

I forgot to mention before that the front seats won't recline. As I understand it, they never did, because Renault installed a batch of incorrect seats on these things.

Also the stereo quit working until I got the code from the dealer, and the passenger side mirror fell out for no apparent reason.

I still wish I had bought something else.

2000 Renault Laguna 1.9TD -I don't remember the ex 1.9 turbo diesel


Very dubious handling and bad assembly quality


This car was a rental, I didn't buy it. Anyway, I think I can review this car as I drove it enough to know how well was it made.

The "plafond" or roof cover, from the inside, was already detaching, as well as many other parts of the inside, one in the boot. Things inside just fall apart, and the car was new! I later knew this was a normal problem of this cars.

General Comments:

This car was well known by a good handling. Let me tell you: nothing of the sort. I picked it up in Charles De Gaulle airport and in the curve to access the freeway, I took it a little fast just to know the capacities of the car, it took the curve in three wheels, with a heavy under-steer and the ESP signal lighting in all the time, but without solving the problem, until I just decelerate.

It did accelerate well, but it was a boring car, with low quality and bad handling; the pass of other cars, and even worst: buses or trailers, pushed heavily the car to side movements, as if it was a bicycle. I went with it to Belgium and I was so disapointed that the day I returned to Paris, I returned it and asked for a Mercedes A-Class, an A-140 large it was -an underpowered car, but reliable and well built car, and much more enjoyable in freeways or highways. I had that A Class for months.

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Review Date: 15th June, 2007

2001 Renault Laguna GrandTour Initiale V6-24v


A comfortable, powerful and reliable car


Trouble with engine electricity at 15000 km

Troubles with front disks brakes at 7500, 14000 and 23000 kilometers.

General Comments:

I got several little troubles with this car at the beginning, but it is a very comfortable and powerful car.

I often make long trips all over France roads and it is a real pleasure.

Concerning front brakes, there is a known problem on disks that are not enough strong to support the weight of the V6 model.

There is no problem to change it by Renault dealer for free.

Concerning this point, each contact I had with Renault was very good and repairs where done quickly and correctly.

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Review Date: 5th August, 2002