1993 Seat Ibiza Friend 1.2i petrol


A lot of fun for a cheap car


Engine hood cable broke. 2 €, 2 hours and a lot of dirty words to replace it.

A rubber fuel pipe got broken. Costs 4€ and 20 minutes to change it.

Synchronization for third gear seems imperfect. For the moment, I change the gears slowly...

Small electrical details like broken wires for the horn or the water pump.

General Comments:

It is pretty fast for an old tiny engine. Runs smoothly at 140km/h and I have pushed it pretty often up to 170/h, even if it's indicated top speed is 157. However, it becomes obvious that it is a small engine when you fully charge it...

Good handling, even it has 13" wheels and 13"/155 mm tires, and power steering would be completely futile.

Looks good despite some small paint problems.

The fuel consumption is not too sensitive on the driving style.

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Review Date: 15th April, 2003

30th Jul 2004, 16:09

Hi I have brought a Ibiza Friend edition mark 1 and I am looking to increase its horse power, I can't find and performance parts for this car and I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could help! I am also looking for some alloys, but again iam having difficulty finding any to fit.



15th Jul 2005, 09:36


My Ibiza is now at 170.000 and the gearbox is still alive. I've driven it about 60.000km and the problem with the 3rd gear is still present, but it hasn't got any worst. In fact, I had not any new problems since I wrote the first message.

The only problem is that I have some troubles selling it :)

1999 Seat Ibiza GT TDi 110 5 doors 1.9 TDi 110


A real GTI with a TDi engine



General Comments:

I wanted a TDi because of the consumption (always less than 7L/100km) but it's also so fast!

On the highway you put the 5th gear and you let the power do it's job...

Handles the road pretty well (put 195/50/15V tires, it's even better) and it's still comfortable enough.

Not too noisy for such a diesel.

5 doors for a better family use.

A strong dashboard without any noise.

Great front sport seats (GT).

Good looking car: alloy wheels, roof spoiler, front and back sport bumpers.

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Review Date: 27th December, 2002