2006 Toyota AYGO


Adequate funky runabout

General Comments:

Had an AYGO as hire car for a week in South of France this October. Sounded like a 2CV on testosterone or a second world war fighter plane, which was fun; the landscape didn't pass by very quickly, but it seemed happy to bimble at 60 - 65mph.

Drove it through mountains, and along coast roads of Spain-France border. Very twisty roads, but we kept up with everything else, even though we only used second and third gear most of the time. No scary moments on the hairpins. Was a little bit skittish on a wet and windy day.

Boot was almost useless, couldn't get a small suitcase through the rear window hatch, so had to wrestle it into the back seat, so just as well there were only the two of us!

Biggest niggle was every time I tilted the drivers seat to pop shopping etc onto the back seat, the whole seat slid forward, so I had to reset the driving position every time. Good fuel economy.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 2nd November, 2007