2003 Toyota Prius 10ème anniversaire HSD


Impressive car for the money



General Comments:

Amazing car for the money: I paid only €10.200 for mine at a Toyota dealership with full service and full warranty when it was 5 years old and had less than 65.000 km.

Nothing has gone wrong, and given Toyota's reputation for reliability, I hope it will go on like this. Service at "my" official dealership is quite inexpensive and excellent.

I've had to replace the front brake pads at 145.000 km and the complete rear brakes at 155.000 km. I have a set of winter tires, but other than that, I've only had to pay for service.

I waited years before buying this car and spent hours researching it, and I'm not disappointed.

Sure, the gearbox can be annoying at time, allowing the motor to rev up and not really converting that into movement, but most of the time, it's so relaxing that it doesn't matter. The seats are not the best for long trips (give me Volvo seats anytime!) but they're adequate, and the car feels quite spacious for its size.

It's also very well equipped for the price, although some features are pretty useless: self-parking is too slow, voice recognition, well, does not recognize much and the audio system is below average.

I've traveled a lot with this car, I've even slept in it (with the seats folded, the cargo area is long enough for my 1.85 m) and for the first time I don't know what car to buy to replace it (that is, as an economical, reliable family car, otherwise I have plenty of ideas...) ! So I hope it will live up to Toyota's reputation of reliability and has many more kilometers ahead of it.

Too bad it's such a dull car to drive...

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Review Date: 3rd April, 2016