2000 Toyota Yaris Verso 1.5 petrol


Excellent for me


Driver's electric window switch - part was €250.

General Comments:

Very spacious and comfortable, and the flexible seats fold flat so it's a van too. I am 1.90m/6'3" and am very comfortable in the rear seats. I can even sleep in the back too (seats folded flat).

Performance is good for what it is, but a little thirsty in 1.5 petrol (105hp) Verso (not very aerodynamic) form.

One fault (window switch - sold in one block at €250) in 100,000 kms between two Yaris parts was expensive, but 5 minutes to change myself, so I'm happy.

Handling is typical Toyota; reassuring, safe and secure, but unexciting.

A bit noisy at motorway speeds 130kmh/80mph, but fine at 110kmh/68mph.

Horrible dealer service prices €250 to change oil (4.0 litres) and air/oil filters, but I guess it's the same with other makes - so do it myself now.

So I am now looking for a late diesel model to keep for as long as possible.

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Review Date: 18th May, 2010

18th May 2010, 14:33

I'm thinking of buying a Yaris eventually. I'd love to have a diesel option, but unfortunately you can't get one here in the United States. Diesel's got a bad rap from the the 80's, when they were first brought over here. They were loud, smelly and slow. However, I know that's no longer the case and would love to drive a new diesel, much better than any gasoline powered vehicle.