2013 Volkswagen up White 1.0 gas 75 HP


Little quirky marvel


A few things have gone wrong. The driver's seat was making a strange noise, but was promptly fixed by the dealer (changed the whole structure), and the steering had a tendency to pull to the left that was somehow fixed with a software upgrade.

General Comments:

The car is the 3 door white limited edition with special white wheels and special seats. It has all the frills, including the glass roof that can be opened.

I am 1.92 cm tall, weigh around 115 kg and I fit in the car. There is not much room to spare, but I fit.

The car's engine is a little marvel. It is a 3 cylinder engine that loves to rev up and delivers 75 HP; more than enough for such a little car.

The dashboard is particularly nice in this car, featuring a retro-futuristic look, with a white enamel finish, chrome accents and multi-function screens.

The boot is surprisingly big, and there is room for 2 adults on the back seat. Tight, but they fit.

The car is well finished, looks a bit quirky and has personality.

The gas mileage is very good unless you push it to the limits.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 21st March, 2015