1989 Volvo 740 GL B200E


One of the best cars ever made. I am 53, in good health and it will probably outlast me.


The clutch master cylinder got a small internal leak at 180000kms - cheap and easy home repair.

One of the handbrake cables broke (under the hand of an athletic friend) at 240000kms.

Alternator brushes died at 290000kms (again, extremely cheap home repair).

Warning lights switch broke at 180000kms.

Ceiling fabric is beginning to get loose at some places (not very serious for the moment, but this will have to be fixed some day).

Replaced two steering ball joints at 230000kms (easy home repair).

Replaced both headlights at about 150000kms - they are dead again (reflector gets dull).

All the rest has only been normal maintenance (engine and transmission lubricant, brake pads, bulbs, tyres, fan belts, timing belt replaced at the recommended intervals).

General Comments:

This car took an unusually high mileage before the engine gave its full power. The 2.0 litre injected engine is a bit of a limitation, but it is very smooth and reliable, and will give a good push if revved up.

The overall design is very good, and build quality exceptional. Unlike more recent models of the same make, this design allows a reasonably competent owner to perform about every maintenance operations without special tools and with fast, easy mechanical access.

Excellent ride and comfort on long travels. Among the most comfortable cars I know, although the seats are not quite as good as on the Volvo 140.

On the snow, it needs some extra weight in the boot and will not hold quite as well as its volvo ancestors.

My only serious criticism is about the headlights: low quality and bad lighting.

In spite of this couple of issues, this car runs like dream, works and looks like new and is a delight to drive. If I broke it in an accident, I would not buy anything, but the same model second-hand.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 17th November, 2004