1993 Audi RS2 Avant 2.2 litre 5-cylinder Turbo 20-valve


Unusual, under-estimated and enormous fun to drive


Given the age, not surprising but here goes: front brakes replaced, (costly); rear drive-shaft, (costly); hand-brake very poor, (complicated Porsche affair and known weak point - ask the list RS2list@egroups.com); rear brakes would have needed replacement if I had kept the car, (VERY costly - worse than the front). That was it.

General Comments:

Incredibly fast and solidly built.

You need air-con as the engine gives out an incredible amount of heat into the cabin.

The space is OK but for an estate, not brilliant.

The car sits VERY low and tends to scrape in car parks and on ramps - watch that front air duct!

The Quattro system is amazing. So much power, (315 ps), but the car just grips and goes. The RS2 has a strengthened 1st gear, (6 speed), as the S2 gear-box had a notoriously weaker 1st gear.

Seats are wonderful and grippy.

Car is very heavy and only really gets into its stride around 3000 rpm, but even below that, it is severely grin-inducing :-).

Tyres are difficult to come by for the summer wheels, (only one tyre type approved, but now out of production), so most are being down-sized to 225's with some say, better grip and handling, so no problem.

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Review Date: 9th May, 2001

29th Jan 2002, 14:17

Homologated 245/40 17 dunlop sp8000 is still available.

19th Jun 2002, 16:19

20V non turbo goes on for ever, but buyer beware on high mileage RS2 vehicles my engine went bang at 102,000 when No.1 big end failed, oil and pump OK, I would only give 3/10 for reliability because of many design faults and weaknesses.