2001 Chrysler Sebring Sedan LX 2.7 gasoline


No Chrysler for me anymore, but my wife would love it.


Well.. nothing that would have been worth to be mentioned as some extreme failure, but:

- Plastic headlight covers looked after 3.5 years as if someone would have grind it with a copper brush (Chrysler tried to charge me about 1,400 Euros for two new headlights (currently almost 2,000 USD - no kidding) for replacement; I announced it as a rip-off and burglary, suited by my lawyer, and won.)

- Chrome-like door handles became "violent"; my wife had cut her delicate fingers many times on loose plastic or coating parts - cheap materials, I guess.

All attached stickers looked after 3 years as if it was made in Taiwan - quick production to look shiny and new, but only for the moment...

- Rust here, rust there. Glad it was only leasing...

- Performance: really enthralling, - but the speed limiter at about 140 miles/hours is just brutal: Engine shuts off, and in the first moment you think you blew it. Then, going under about 130 miles, it gives you a hit into the seats... Bad behavior, Mr. Sebring! Some fine tuning on that would be more comfortable, while travelling German Autobahns.

General Comments:

... The first pick of my (American) wife. Once we can afford one of them as a second family car, I will get one. Expecting mayor problems with a maybe 5 or 6 year old Sebring, I would not be willing to pay more than 5,000 Euros for a Sebring of more than 60,000 miles. I expecting to build a money grave for the dreams of reliability of my wife, having experienced a brand new model, but never have understood, that the visible loss of comfort has even come to this brand new car in less than 3 years.

While I was preparing to release this car to the leasing company, I had my first Pontiac Trans Sport (92); at the time I had both the Sebring and the old Trans Sport. I had chosen more and more to let the Sebring sit in the parking lot, and use the Pontiac for my daily necessities. I really don't miss the Sebring, even though it was a nice car. But it had no soul...

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Review Date: 1st October, 2007