1986 Citroen BX RD Break 1.9 diesel


BX quisite!


Changed accumulator sphere (main suspension regulator)

Original seats were finished - interior from higher spec model fitted - lovely.

These models known for electrical problems. No temp gauge, only flashing warning light (must be vigilant - this has finished a lot of these off) problem with dry connections.

Problems with diesel flow - ongoing.

Just fitted new distributor on Boxing Day!

General Comments:

Great design. Mk.1 BXs now very rare espcially the estate version.

Reliable, economical and stylish. Not overloaded with unnecessary gimmicks.

This car is for enthusiasts : it's eccentric and after twenty years fragile in places, but the engine is a tough old legend (just maintain it properly)

Great on long runs. I cross Europe in this beast, spending pence and oozing 80s style amongst modern generic blob cars.

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Review Date: 30th December, 2007

1992 Citroen BX 16 TGI Top 1.6


Nothing special, but a good friend for every day and an always underestimated car


Refering to the low distance travelled with this car, only the four suspension spheres had to be renewed.

General Comments:

These cars have lots of advantages, but the owner has to live with some "extraordinaries". This one is my second BX and my fourth Citroen overall. It has clearly the best quality of the four cars, it's not really fast, but is always quick enough.

However, it's a very comfortble car and, because of the special model "Top" (in other countries: "Mill├ęsime"), it's very well equipped. I've just been in Spain for a holiday with the BX Top, which means 1.500 km in one day... no problem.

When this car will be worn out in a few years, I guess it won't be possible to find another one again. Up to now, I have no idea what to buy then in exchange for the BX.

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Review Date: 14th September, 2000