1987 Citroen CX 25 RD 2.5 turbo diesel


If you can persuade it to run, it's an orgasm on wheels


This car has been so thoroughly and totally defective throughout the short ownership experience that it would be easier to list what actually worked.

In short, the electrical system, cooling system, and even the suspension gave me constant trouble.

I replaced parts worth about US$ 6.000 within one year, then finally resigned and sold it to an enthusiast who later refused to pay on the grounds of the car being utterly unusable.

General Comments:

The CX Turbo Diesel is tremendous fun to drive.

The combination of relentless turbo thrust and hydro pneumatic suspension magic is intoxicating.

Road holding, steering, and comfort are way ahead of their time for a car designed in the early 70s.

The seats are dramatically soft and take getting used to.

The clutch is heavy.

The brakes are fantastic once you get used to them.

Being seen with one feels good.

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Review Date: 8th September, 2004

1990 Citroen CX TGD Break 2.5 turbo diesel


A very comfortable tourer and family car, but with a high financial risk


The car now has its 3rd engine with about 80000 km. The engine is very sensitive to overheating due to minimal loss of cooling liquid. Rubber and plastic parts of the cooling system as well as the radiator need permanent attention and were finally replaced at 380000km.

The gear box had its first problems with a broken main bearing at 60000 which was replaced without cost by CITROEN. At about 420000km the gearbox simmering had to be changed.

Rust had penetrated mayor parts of the roof and the back door, so that a complete restauration had to be carried out in 2000 at about 430000 km.

The turbocharger is still the first, but now at 500000 km it's slowly loosing pressure.

The first injection pump had to be changed at 250000 km, now it is about to be changed for the second time.

The car is under full service, brought to the garage each 5000 km.

There were frequent minor problems from the beginning e.g. broken hinges on the back door etc.

General Comments:

A car to travel with over long distances. The interior is very comfortable. However the engine performance is not sufficient any more.

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Review Date: 27th July, 2001