1992 Citroen ZX Aura 1.6i


A nice lady that needs ones care


In the 20000 kilometers that I drove the car, which was very well serviced by its first owner, it blew all head and rear lightbulbs, there was a coolant leak, the blower and its illumination stopped working, the starter broke, new tires had to be bought, the front brakes had to be exchanged, the whole steering mechanism was replaced and it still makes noises in the front suspension.

There are just all these little things which in their sum make this car quite expensive to run. Well, it never really left me, besides the time when the starter broke. I could still push it to start.

General Comments:

It is a very comfortable car. It has all the nice electric features that you can expect from a car in that class. The engine is accelerating pretty fast and the high-speed is okay, too. If you push it, it will do about 190 km/h. In the Aura version the interior is really nice if you like the design. The looks try to spread a impression of a high quality standard. For a French car, there are very few rattles but they differ very much, depending on the temperature. Sometimes, they are very annoying.

Although it has many faults, I love that car and I love the brand!

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Review Date: 7th June, 2000

22nd Feb 2001, 16:29

I sold my ZX Aura 1.6 one week ago. I must say your experiences with this car are the same as mine. I had him/her for a year and a half and I must say we were a team and a half. This was my biggest love in my car-history. I had a metallic silver one with fog lights. A beauty and a half!

I have a question. You say about many problems with your car. I have also heard from others that the ZX can be a pain in your pocket. I don't think so! There was nothing wrong while I drove it. Not a penny spent on it except for registration. That was a problem for me. Being a student and spending every year 1.400DM for it was a problem.

Well that's my experience with 1.6 Aura. But speaking of wolf... when the man who bought my Aura called me and told me about an accident I said thank god. Oil leaked out from the braking system at the right rear wheel. So if I hadn't sold my car I would have problems with it too!!!

When I finish studying and get a job I'm thinking of buying an Aura Break. My friends tell me I couldn't buy uglier car than that. I don't care. I want space and hope to get it with buying it.

What can you advise me?