1983 Fiat Panda 34 34 HP


Riding cheap as cheap can be


An engine break down at 100,000 miles - I think that's OK for a 12 year old, 6 owners car, rebuilt after a front end crash...

If I'd had the experience in engine work that I have now, it still would "live"...

General Comments:

A perfect car for low budget thinking!

Normally you say do not buy a Fiat - everything will go wrong with it. But nothing goes wrong because there is nothing in it.

Have you ever tried to move things with a small passenger car? With a Panda there is no problem. You can unplug the seats all you need and with a driver's seat only you've got a full two meters for transportation.

And with small money also you can make as good performance as you like: stereo system, dark coloured windows, mobile phone, electric windows... everything is easy to install in this car.

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Review Date: 8th December, 2000

3rd Apr 2004, 10:23

I had a 1984 FIAT Panda for a number of years after buying it back from my sister-in-law. It was my perk purchase when I worked at FIAT UK.

At 142000 miles the engine packed up and it began to burn oil. Much of its life it was thrashed about all over the UK and Europe on holidays, sometimes fully loaded and with four passengers. Although £2400.00 new it paid for itself in cheap servicing. When it went to the junkyard it still had one of the OEM tyres (the former spare!) on the back!