1990 Fiat Tipo 2.0L gasoline


High performance, catastrophique quality


Well, my wife drove two 127 before. First for 7 years, second for 10 years, Both parked in a closed room under a roof /garage we call it). Problems: corrosion.

The Tipo is a much better car in this respect. After 12 years now, no (no) corrosion at all. The performance with the 112 HP engine is perfect. Fast and smooth. I like to drive that car. So far so good.

A catastrophe is the performance of the material.

After 3 years - new battery

After 4 years - new engine (70 000 km)

After 6 years - new gear box (120 000 km)

After 7 years - new 'torque' for front wheels

After 9 years - 3. engine (160 000 km)

After 9 years - new cooler system.

Not to talk about the normal wear of the brakes and brake disks (normal?).

In summary - there is nothing what is not replaced. Yes the car was cheap - 11 500 Euros at that time. But the investment afterwards - like a second car!!!

In the meantime I drove my AUDI A6 (bought later) without any bigger replacement 375 000 km, 7 years! (Gasoline, 6 cylinder machine 150 HP).

Now after almost 30 years with FIAT, finished.

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Review Date: 27th July, 2002