1992 Ford Crown Victoria LX with H&P-Package 4.6 SOHC


The last true American automobile


The AC system has to be refilled, no signs of leakage though. There's a rattling noise coming from the rear brakes, might be lose brake pads.

Sometimes the warning lights in the instrumentation panel light up, but disappear after a short time.

Speedometer needle stops at 50 mp/h indication, have to find out if it's only a new cable or a new speedo unit.

General Comments:

This has been my dream car for the last few years. I love the "Handling&Performance"-Package. Engine has been rebuild by one of the cars previous owners, so it runs very good considering its high mileage. Transmission also works flawless.

All power options are operating.

Doesn't consume any oil or water.

I'm turning it into a "New York State Police"-unit 'cause I'm a member of a Police car owners club here in Germany.

Average fuel consumption (1/2 driven around town) is 19/20 mpg.

On the other side I'm surprised that the interior room despite the vehicles 212" overall length is actually smaller then my 186" Ford Scorpio's.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 5th August, 2003