1998 Ford Focus 1.8L petrol


Reliable friend in all sorts of situations


Rear passenger electric window motor broke one week after purchase. Got fixed within warranty.

Boot lid does not always close properly, need to insert key and turn lock again, not really a fault, but gets annoying.

General Comments:

For this sort of money, you get more car and quality than from any other car company.

Especially, the heated windshield makes winters a lot more bearable, its comfortable for the driver, a bit tight on the rest of the car.

This car is most reliable, there are a few minor glitches and squeaks, but nothing that would stop you going from A to B.

The only fault that bothers me the most is the fuel consumption; it's got the same 1.8L engine as the Mondeo, but the fuel tank is only 55L (20L less than Mondeo), so visiting gas stations is a rather common procedure.

Also the fuel consumption in the city, at 10L/100km, and about 8/100 on the highway, is way too much for a small hatchback like a Focus.

I've been thinking to buy a smaller car for that reason, yet after reading the reviews, most cars, even German makes, have such repulsive reviews, that I'm more than sure I will be keeping that baby for a few more years.

Definitely a good purchase, and a reliable friend.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 11th February, 2011