1995 Honda Accord EX 2.3


Great car for the price, really reliable


When I purchased this car used from the car lot, these are the things that had to be repaired;

Both the drivers and passengers door handles (the chrome was peeling, and the passenger side had actually broken)

The power antenna was not working (replaced with a used one from my local Honda mechanic)

Both tie-rod ends need to be replaced, possibly ball joints also.

I had all the belts replaced, had a valve job, and replaced the water pump. I also had to replace the rubber bushings on the sway bar.

General Comments:

The only “performance” upgrades I have done to the car is add synthetic oil every 3000 miles, replaced the air intake with a cool air intake, and added a sport exhaust. Just these few changes really made this car more fun to drive. 

I replaced all five tires (upgraded the “toy” spare to a full size) with Bridgestone rubber. 205-55r-15 the widest meatiest ones that would fit on the stock Honda rims.

Driving on the autobahn is a fun experience that I recommend to anyone that likes driving over the limit in the states. I had my car up to 130mph. It took a little while to get it up there, but I averaged 115 to 125 pretty easy during my trip from Frankfurt to Heidelberg.

I have had no problems with the suspension. The SOHC VTEC engine is great when you stomp on the gas. Like I do a lot.

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Review Date: 27th September, 2005

1994 Honda Accord Aerodeck 2.2i


At 12000 km the engine stopped while driving without any reason. Since that there are vibrations which can't be fixed.

General Comments:

Roomy and powerful car to drive.

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Review Date: 15th March, 2000